Single-channel video loop
Found footage
Without sound
Duration: 58 seconds

When the word ‘landscape’ acquired an extended meaning, namely from land to land&image or imageoftheland, it partly came from the fact that Dutch painters had come to capture extensively the swift changes in their surroundings. The latter was progressively manipulated to fit Christian values, which well separated and subordinated the earthly and natural from anything human (thus differently natural?), leading up to a long and violent process of taming and domestication. This process is not separated from the land reclamation nor the colonial history in which this takes place.

Joanne van Halteren gathers a somewhat emotionally detached AI-generated chintz pattern to provide a space for speculative swamp species, redecorating the modernist walls while witnessing a flickering and alienating yet nostalgic alternation of a stroking touch between domesticated species.

Text by Angeliki Tzortzakaki
Installation view
Installation view of Manual (screen on the left), Melk en bloed (wallpaper on back wall), and the back of Joint (screen on the right).